Limited Traditional Inventory Supply

However your sponsors or advertisers reach their customers, there are a finite number of opportunities to get the message out. In addition, many of your sponsors' and advertisers' products and services cannot best be promoted in a short or confining space or time frame.

Given that you have a finite number of advertising positions in your medium, you need to turn to other places for inventory. Citium offers you an easy and effective way to build a new promotions inventory. This exciting opportunity can be added to a progressive rate plan that offers different levels of exposure. This creates increased flexibility and a unique selling proposition for your sales staff!

Unlimited Online Inventory Supply

Creating more opportunities for advertising, sponsorship, and promotion can help your advertisers get more for their money, and help your organization to exceed sales goals! Most any product or service can better be described in detail with extended product and company descriptions accompanied by logos, graphics, and an incentive to follow through with a purchase or other action. Unlimited inventory means unlimited sales potential for your company!


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