The Marketers Dilemma

How do you know if your advertising and promotions efforts are hitting the mark? This is a question that many marketing managers have a hard time answering. Focus groups are often used to determine whether a marketing campaign is successful. Others use questionnaires and a number of other techniques to evaluate the success of a campaign. How does a company know if advertising and promotions expenditures are working?

Measured Site Metrics

With a Citium powered site, you and your advertisers will know exactly what kind of return on investment you, your advertisers, and your sponsors are receiving. Citium's Promotions Engine can generate reports for total site statistics, and also for individual business statistics. Available business specific statistics include promotion views, promotion list views, and business list views. Site-wide statistics are offered by business, by category, by promotion, and also for total site views.

This is a great deal of information, but how do I organize these statistics into knowledge? Reports are the answer. All statistics are organized into easy to read reports that include high impact visual information like charts and graphs. Reports are easy to read, and extremely useful to your business.

Feedback Helps Everyone Involved
Two Examples

Developing and modifying your pricing structure can be one way to transfer report data into knowledge. You will know exactly how may people are viewing a business listing or promotion during the day, week, or month. Some listings may be extremely popular, deriving more value from the system than others. Because these companies are so successful, your service is very valuable to them. This means that you could consider raising rates.

Another example of how this tool can help your advertisers is also related to success feedback. You will be able to see how successful a business listing or promotion is because you will know how many page views each part of their information receives. If a company is not getting the kind of traffic that they want, you can help them decide if they need to change their promotion or business listing information. Without this information, advertisers and sponsors might not be alerted to problems with their marketing campaign.

Opportunities to use report information to create marketing knowledge for you, your advertisers, and sponsors are unlimited. Our Success Team can help you get started, but your creativity and intimate knowledge of your own customers will make your services unique in the market.


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