Bundle Online Advertising and Promotions With Existing Programs

You already offer sponsors and advertisers different levels of exposure. Frequency, volume, and premium placement based sales structures work well, but now they can be raised to the next level!

Citium offers you an easy and effective way to build a new promotions inventory. This exciting opportunity can be added to a progressive rate plan that offers different levels of exposure. A typical 'Basic - Silver - Gold' type service level plan can be very effective.

A Basic Plan may include your introductory offering plus an online business listing. By upgrading to the Silver Plan, advertisers could add a business micro-page and a promotion, and a Gold or Platinum Plan could include additional promotions, a preferred business listing, and even special upsell or banner opportunities. These plans are just examples. You can create any combination you want to optimize your current advertising plans or new sales goals!

Get Them In the Door

Many businesses, especially small to medium businesses, may not be ready or able to spend relatively large amounts of money through your main advertising program. That does not mean you can't sell to these businesses.

Citium's Promotions Engine allows sales people to begin to sell to businesses that may not feel comfortable with your primary advertising program, yet. Offering advertising and promotions exposure on your site can give these businesses the exposure they need and can afford. As their business grows and they begin to build a relationship with your sales team, they can begin to be sold on additional advertising programs and services.

Close The Deal

Negotiation is an art in which your sales staff is well versed. This is vital to your business, especially when building new business. If you look in your salespeoples' office, you will likely find books and tapes outlining various sales techniques, including how to close a deal. Citium has some ideas on this topic too.

Citium's Promotions Engine can be used as a negotiation tool, or sweetener, to help close a deal. Users of our Promotions Engine derive a great deal of value with little relative cost. Using this promotions opportunity as leverage can help your sales people give a potential advertiser the incentive they need to approve the contract. We promise not to tell how little this technique actually costs you. The advertiser will definitely be impressed with the service!


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