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Media Applications Suite (CPE 2.0)

The Citium Promotions Engine is the flagship product offered by Citium Inc. With this groundbreaking promotions infrastructure technology, you can have a customized promotions based engine right on your own site.

Because Citium operates as an Applications Service Provider (ASP), our services does not interfere with your current site management or other daily activities. We work behind the scenes to make your site stickier and more profitable for your company. We provide you everything you need to create and post business information and other promotion related information on your site.

We also offer all of our client sites the benefit of personal and online support. We want everyone to be as successful as possible with our promotions infrastructure technology. In addition to our basic support services, we also offer a fee based support system, Citium's Success Team, to clients that require additional services and support to make their site a success. We will do everything possible to make your site another Citium success story!

CPE 2.0 Features

Business Directory - The business directory is the 'site directory' of the CPE. All enrolled businesses will appear in the directory. The directory is fully searchable by location, product or service category, and other useful criteria. The directory enables a viewer to locate a business or service in which they are particularly interested.

Business Micro-page - Each business listed in the business directory has the opportunity to have an individual micro-page on your site. These micro-pages give visitors detailed information about a business including corporate background, product information, contact information, driving directions, and related logos or other graphics.

Promotional Offers - Promotional offers are the main consumer benefit of the CPE. Each business has the opportunity to post promotional offers on your site. This can include anything from sales and giveaways to coupons or other special offers. These promotions are easily indexed, and can be viewed and also printed, allowing electronic and paper based redemption.

Reports - Marketing professionals often have a hard time quantifying return on their investment in a promotions campaign. Citium has solved this problem by offering a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that will allow you to know exactly how successful each business and promotions is. In addition, you also have access to valuable site-wide statistics.

Product Benefits

Increased Revenue - Who doesn't want to earn more money? Citium provides the infrastructure to give your account executives more opportunities to sell!

Extended Reach / Inventory - Most media have a finite number of selling opportunities. By adding Citium's Promotions Engine to a web site, the number of available spots to sell increases greatly!

Enhances Sales Leverage - Closing a sale is never easy. Offering additional services through Citium's Promotions Technologies can sweeten the deal. Citium's Promotions Engine is also an excellent addition to any packaged service offering!

Improved Site Stickiness - Driving traffic to your site is sometimes as simple as offering rewarding information. Citium will enable you to create these offers and information. You may find your advertisers will even help direct people to your site, in addition to your own efforts!

Measured Site Metrics - One of the most difficult things to do in marketing is to prove that a campaign is successful. With Citium, it is easy because you will know how many people viewed an advertiser's information and even how many promotions were printed!

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