On-line Promotions Generate Money

Internet based promotional spending grew 140.6% in 1999 totaling $4.6 billion, and is projected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 39.5%. By 2004, internet based promotional spending will have more than quadrupled to total $24.4 billion.

Traditional marketing organizations typically devote about 5% of their total marketing budget to online media, with technology or more aggressive marketers devoting significantly more to online marketing. By 2004, the average budget allocation for online promotion will have increased to nearly 10%.

How can a company with a web site take advantage of these trends? Citium's Promotions Infrastructure Technology is the answer! The Citium Promotions Engine is a multi-functional software application that creates and organizes business listings, micro-pages, promotions, and other marketing communications tools. A Citium powered promotions site can create new and significant additional revenue. *(Veronis Suhler Media Merchant Bank, NY. 2000 Communications Industry Forecast)

More Ways To Increase Revenue

Selling online business listings, micro-pages, promotions, and other promotional tools is very good. The only thing better than that is generating even more revenue by 'up-selling'!

National, regional, and local sponsors have the opportunity to have their logo featured on business listing pages, promotions pages, and even directly on another company's promotion. Your revenue increases with every new company that enrolls as a corporate sponsor on your site!

Options, Options, Options

Citium offers co-branded and custom branded solutions. Co-branded sites benefit from the revenue that is generated from bundling online promotions with your existing advertising and promotions packages with reduced startup costs. In this case, the promotions and sponsorships that you sell yourself will generate revenue for your company with less upfront cost. This type of site arrangement can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

Citium can also develop a custom branded site in 48 hours or less. A custom branded site benefits from having your site look, feeling, and branding. There is no visible difference from your site! In this case, there is a larger upfront cost, but the benefits for a larger company can be significant. A custom branded site offers advertisers a name brand promotions outlet - your site!


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