What Is A Sticky Site?

Do you offer information or promotions that have time or money value?

Do you have content that is constantly updated and fresh?

Do your other communications efforts support directing traffic to your web site?

A sticky site is one that engages users with many different activities, but content alone does not make a site sticky. Incentive is key! Incentives help make your site sticky, creating users who are loyal to your advertisers branded products and services as well as your own corporate brand.

Make Your Site A Local Portal

Your target market is wired! They use the internet at work and home on their PC and WAP phone or other wireless device, visiting sites for information and entertainment. What makes your site different from any of the other sites they visit? Local content in the form of business listings, micro-pages, promotions, and other Citium powered promotions technologies!

Citium's Promotions Engine enables you to engage not just national and regional sponsors, but also local businesses. With businesses easily listed and indexed, it is fun and simple to search for a restaurant, theater, mechanic, clothing store, or any other business in your zip code, area code, county, or other search criteria. With associated sale, coupon, giveaway, rebate, or other promotional incentive, why would anyone not use your site!

Advertisers Will Promote Your Site For You

One of biggest challenges to creating a site that is sticky is getting the word out. Citium's Promotions Engine provides you with the infrastructure to add content and sell promotions in a way you never imagined possible. Now - how does the word get out?

Advertisers and sponsors will help promote your site! Advertisers and sponsors want their promotions to be successful, and will want to direct people to their information on your site. Encouraging people to visit your site through your established or traditional communications channels will increase the success of your site and your advertisers and sponsors online information and promotions.

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