Turn your station's web site into a daily stop for e-coupon savings!

You have clients. You have listeners. You have a web site. Now all you need is a way to bring everyone together...and make money! That's where Citium Incorporated comes in.

Citium has created effective, yet simple "plug ‘n' play" coupon technology for radio station web sites. While protecting your station's image and brand, this program serves as an expanded local "business directory" for your advertisers' promotions/coupons.

Be creative and competitive with this sales and marketing tool. Citium's software program can open up many exciting opportunities including:

Loyal Listener Club –Provide a way for your listeners to define their interests and e-mail them if a new promotion or coupon matches their profile.

Increase Sales from Current and Prospective Clients –Retain and up-sell your current advertisers by offering them a new presence on your web site that's more effective than a plain banner ad. This feature also gives you an advantage over your competition when prospecting new clients. This coupon program not only offers clients a REAL VALUE, but now you can offer them a place for REAL TIME promotions/coupons that can be changed and updated at any time.

Compete with your Local Newspaper –Your station can now effectively compete with print because you offer a tangible product to your listeners.

Increase Web Traffic –Online users will bookmark your site because you have the ability to provide new content daily. For example: Listeners become viewers of promotions/coupons offered by your clients = more users = more page views = making your station a more valuable property = more clients = more loyalty to your station.


To help kick off this program, Citium is offering R&R readers an incredible, limited-time opportunity. First, visit their demo site at Click on "coupons." The user name is "guest-agent" and the password is "guest-agent." Use the zip code of "95124" for your search.

Navigate through this demo site to acquaint yourself with the "plug & play" technology. In the coupon directory, click on "publish" and you'll see just how easy it is to add a new client to the business directory and create a coupon.

Move fast...this is a limited opportunity!

The first 50 radio stations to contact Citium and sign up for the program will have the set up fee waived. This is a great value; the regular set up fee is $1,200. In addition to the set-up fee, radio stations are charged $1 per client per month (minimum of $100/month). For example, if you have 175 clients in the business directory, your station will pay Citium $175 per month. This offer is valid through June 30, 2000. Contact Citium toll free at (877) 692-4848 extension 330 for more information or to sign up for the program.


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